I LOVE when a Madigan is DRY ASS FUCKED !

Gun Control DEFEATED in IL (Illinois-Statewide)

The US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals DENIED Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s request for an en banc rehearing of the appellate case which struck down Illinois’ ban on carrying firearms for self-defense.

As a result, her sole remaining option is to file an appeal to the US Supreme Court, which is highly unlikely to overturn its cases holding the right to bear arms is an individual right, nor allow the multitude of unconstitutional restrictions some Illinois politicians have vowed to put into any proposed gun permit law.

Should Illinois politicians refuse to pass a bill, the 180 day stay issued by the Federal Court expires on June 9, which would outright void Illinois ban on carrying loaded firearms (Illinois law still allows unloaded carry if the person has a valid FOID card, and the weapon is enclosed in a box, fanny pack, or other container which is not a holster).


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A true American that is sick tired and fed up with minorities,government,and their attempts at turning this Great country into a vast waste land of welfare,thugs and savage black subhumans.Also cannot stand and WILL NOT support "refugees" that are Muslim and hell bent on destroying the USA. FUCK THAT! FULLY SUUPORT DONALD TRUMP and FULLY SUPPORT THE ARREST AND EXECUTION OF OBAMA AND CLINTON AND THE REST OF THEIR ILK FOR TREASON. Will NOT bow to ISLAM or those pussy ass people supporting that Cult NOR will I bend for any liberal Agenda. NRA member, Gun Owner and will take no shit from no one at no time so if you are a snowflake or emo bitch THIS is NOT the page for you.
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One Response to I LOVE when a Madigan is DRY ASS FUCKED !

  1. rickstubing says:

    Hahahaha! You’re simply the best!

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