THIS cop needs his ass handed to him

Deputy Alan Dubinski Threatens To Feed Jessie Merchant To Alligators (Video)

FLORIDA – Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Dubinski was caught on video (below) cursing and threatening to kill Jessie Merchant by feeding him to some alligators.
However, Deputy Dubinski was not charged with a crime, even though threatening to kill someone is a felony in Florida.
According to CBS Miami, a video from the patrol car of a Florida Highway Patrol Trooper records Deputy Dubinski yelling at Merchant, who was being investigated for causing a disturbance.

The incident actually happened  in Weston, Florida last July.

“What’s up with you today, Jessie?” Deputy Dubinski asks.

Merchant begins to explain his actions, but Deputy Dubinski yells: “Jessie, I’m gonna tell you right now, your f*cking *ss is going home or I’m going to beat the f*cking p*ss out of you.”

“I see your f*cking *ss again tonight I’m going to f*cking split your f*cking skull f*cking with my flashlight. Remember what I told you about the alligators? I’m gonna feed your *ss to them. I’m not gonna arrest you. I’m gonna feed you to the f*cking alligators. I’m taking you out on the alley and I’m dumping your *ss. So you’re gonna die.”

After 30 seconds, the expletives and threats fly again from Deputy Dubinski: “I want to feed you to the alligators… If I see you again tonight, I swear to God, God be my witness you’re a dead man. Get the f*ck out of here.”

An Internal Affairs investigation performed by the Broward Sheriff’s Office stated that Trooper Lawrence Petraglia called a supervisor because he believed Dubinski’s actions were “excessive,” but not illegal.

Deputy Dubinski was given a written reprimand for repeatedly threatening the life of Merchant and returned to duty.

Deputy Dubinski told investigators that he threatened Merchant “to scare him, to get him to go home.”

When asked if he regretted saying anything, Deputy Dubinski replied, “I probably wouldn’t have said some of the f-words.”

When asked if his conduct was professional Deputy Dubinski said: “In the eyes of the public, it’s probably not, but every situation is different, sometimes you have to be harsh with some people to get your point across to them that they understand and this is the way that Jessie understands and the problem was solved.”

Deputy Dubinski told CBS Miami he realizes that “everybody’s gonna say it was improper, but it was effective. I didn’t hurt him. I’m going to put it behind me and move on. That’s how it goes.”

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