Schaumburg Police Detectives John Cichy, 30, Matthew Hudak, 29, and Terrance O’Brien, 47, robbed drug dealers for the thrill & fun!

Wait till the THRILLS & FUN of the Federal Prison…. Oh Boy!
BUSTED COPS: John Cichy, 30, Matthew Hudak, 29, and Terrance O’Brien, 47
Three Schaumburg police officers conspired to steal drugs they had seized during legitimate busts, then split the profits after their informant put the drugs back on the streets, with one of the officers later admitting he did it for “the thrill of it,” according to prosecutors.

John Cichy, 30, Matthew Hudak, 29, and Terrance O’Brien, 47, were captured on video surveillance and audio recordings stealing money and drugs from the dealers, and all three have made incriminating statements, prosecutor Audriana Anderson said in court this morning.

“Everything you have on tape, I did. You got me on that,” Anderson quoted Hudak as telling authorities. O’Brien told investigators they did “it all for the thrill of it,” she said.

Authorities said they began investigating the officers more than two weeks ago after a search warrant was executed on a storage locker in Carol Stream and 275 grams of cocaine were recovered.

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  1. danobaneck says:

    Schaumburg requires a bachelor degree these guys are real smart!

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