WE are on to your games motherfuckers…..You want war? BRING IT.

Brotherhood of Darkness
Back in stock! Shocking, connect-the-dots exposé of globalist plot

Do world events seem like they’re spinning out of control?Do the explanations you hear from government officials sound like they’re meant to mislead?

Does the establishment news media leave you feeling like you’ve only heard part of the story – maybe even the wrong part?

Why are groups like the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers – groups whose members are obviously powerful with connections to wealth and political influence – never the subject of the evening news?

Something’s happening here.

Find out what in Dr. Stanley Monteith’s blockbuster exposé, Brotherhood of Darkness.

Is there a grand conspiracy at work to move the world toward global government and a universal religion?

Who or what is actually behind these sinister forces?

Dr. Stanley Monteith, a medical doctor by training, set out on a mission to answer those questions some 40 years ago. The results of his startling research is this amazing, little book, a shocking exposé that shines the light of day on the secret societies – some of which have been at work on the world stage for centuries.

“Most people don’t realize they exist because their minds have been conditioned to reject any thought of such organizations,” explains Monteith.

This hard-hitting book names names, places, dates and full citations from primary sources. Monteith reveals the identity of the mysterious forces behind the men who rule the world, and why some U.S. leaders have dedicated their lives to destroying their own nation.

Many times he uses the words and actual documents of the individuals and groups behind the plotting to reveal their aims, goals and intent.

Are they all working together? Who are they ultimately serving? Is there a grand architect? You will be shocked and disturbed at the answers.

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “In politics there are no accidents. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way.”

You may not accept everything Monteith offers, but one thing is for sure: After reading Brotherhood of Darkness, you will never look at the world in the same way again.

It’s a fast, lively read – not the kind of heavy lifting you might expect as a result of the research behind it.

Brotherhood of Darkness is available only through WND’s online store – and in limited quantities. This book generally sells out within 24 hours of delivery – so act fast.

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Hope of the Wicked 
The Master Plan to Rule the World

By Ted Flynn

Ted Flynn’s book, Hope of the Wicked: The Master Plan to Rule the World, will open your eyes to the greatest deception in modern history. It explores the convergence on a global basis of multinational corporations, foundations and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world government to bring about a New World Order.

The book is 550 pages with 82 photographs and 1,200 footnotes, with a strong historical basis to show that there is a global elite working to end the sovereignty of nations, to place all under the United Nations.

In this well-documented book, readers will learn the following:

    • Is there a conspiracy to rule the world?
    • What is the plan to bring America into a one-world order?
    • Hundred of quotes from world leaders
    • The utopian dream of the United Nations
    • The long tentacles of the United Nations in your life
    • World taxes and a world court for world citizens
    • What is the Federal Reserve and who owns it?
    • The links of world businesses, foundations and governments
    • What are the Bilderbergers, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission?
    • What are the authority and mission of FEMA?
    • What is the role of the New Age movement and environmentalism in a world religion?
    • The erosion of rights, freedom and national sovereignty
    • The need to create chaos to usher in a new world order
    • The subversion of the Constitution by Executive Order
    • What is the real agenda of secret societies? Technology’s theft of privacy: chips, satellites and tracking
    • Is artificial weather modification real?
    • Who was the most influential woman of the 20th Century?
    • Who are the world players trying to bring change?
    • Pulling the plug on the world economy – nearer than you may think
    • How will the global elite’s plans affect you and your family in the near future?

The New World Order is not coming – it is here with a vengeance!

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America’s Secret Establishment:
An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones 

      By Antony C. Sutton
      Breaking 170 years of secrecy, this intriguing exposé takes a behind-the-scenes look at Yale’s mysterious society, the Order of the Skull and Bones, and its prominent members, numbering among them Tafts, Rockefellers, Pillsburys, and Bushes.
      Explored is how Skull and Bones initiates have become senators, judges, cabinet secretaries, spies, titans of finance and industry, and even U.S. presidents, including George W. Bush. This book reveals that far from being a campus fraternity, the society is more concerned with the success of its members in the postcollegiate world.
      Included are a verified membership list, rare reprints of original Order materials revealing the interlocking power centers dominated by Bonesmen, and a peek inside the Tomb, their 140-year-old private clubhouse.

Click here to learn more. 

Combine and SAVE:

Brotherhood of Darkness / Hope of the Wicked

      Combo Offer: Through this special, limited-time offer, you can save $10 when you purchase Brotherhood of Darkness and Hope of the Wicked together. Save more than 25%!

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      “As a rhetorical question, can someone please explain to me how it is that progressive liberals such as John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, as well as do-gooder humanitarians with multiple social projects ongoing such as the Rockefellers and every Royal House in Europe, can perennially attend Bilderberg meetings apparently knowing that the final objective of this despicable group of hoodlums is a fascist One World Empire?” – Daniel Estulin (p. 318)
      Daniel Estulin is a Madrid-based journalist and an investigative reporter who took on the daunting and dangerous task of researching the Bilderberg Group. Equally intriguing as his harrowing tales of being followed and nearly killed on a couple of occasions while working on the book, is the manner in which Estulin connects the dots between the Bilderberg Group, world events, notable politicians and corporate tycoons and the two other secretive monsters of the ruling elite, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TC). The project lasted 15 years and was motivated by Estulin’s curiosity about why the mainstream media has never covered in depth the meetings of the Bilderberg Group whose combined wealth exceeds the combined wealth of all U.S. citizens.
      What Estulin’s book makes clear is that the group, along with the CFR and TC, has become a shadow government whose top priority is to erase the sovereignty of all nation-states and supplant them with global corporate control of their economies under the surveillance of “an electronic global police state.”

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