ANOTHER reason this Muslim COCKSUCKER needs to go! IMPEACH

Obama Opposes Purple Heart for Arkansas Soldier and Those Slain at Ft. Hood


Representative Tim Griffin of Arkansas posted a video on his Youtube page on May 18, 2012 in support of a bill that could give an Arkansas soldier the Purple Heart.

The slain soldier in question, Army Pvt. William “Andy” Long, was killed in 2009 outside of a recruiting center in Little Rock, AR.

Because Long was killed in a domestic act of terror, the Obama administration feels that he is ineligible for the Purple Heart — since he feels that it is not a combat zone.


Long’s killer, Abdulhakim Muhammad, is serving a life sentence without the possibility for parole after pleading guilty in July to shooting Long and Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula outside a west Little Rock military recruiting center on June 1, 2009. Ezeagwula, of Jacksonville, was wounded but survived the attack.

The bill is expected to pass the House of Representatives. It is unknown how the bill would fair in the Senate and the Obama administration is on record as opposing the bill.

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A true American that is sick tired and fed up with minorities,government,and their attempts at turning this Great country into a vast waste land of welfare,thugs and savage black subhumans.Also cannot stand and WILL NOT support "refugees" that are Muslim and hell bent on destroying the USA. FUCK THAT! FULLY SUUPORT DONALD TRUMP and FULLY SUPPORT THE ARREST AND EXECUTION OF OBAMA AND CLINTON AND THE REST OF THEIR ILK FOR TREASON. Will NOT bow to ISLAM or those pussy ass people supporting that Cult NOR will I bend for any liberal Agenda. NRA member, Gun Owner and will take no shit from no one at no time so if you are a snowflake or emo bitch THIS is NOT the page for you.
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