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Are you fucking kidding me?

EDUCATIONWAS A 5TH GRADER KICKED OUT OF HIS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR SAYING A LOCAL NEWSCASTER RESEMBLES BARACK OBAMA? Grayson Thomas, in a photo taken by his father The guy dressed in the suit and tie, smiling and shaking a bevy … Continue reading

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2012 Cant come fast enough.

What do you expect from a fucking MUSLIM?   President Obama devoted his weekly radio address to thanking U.S. service members and volunteers at shelters and soup kitchens. But it’s whom he didn’t thank that caused a stir on Twitter: God. “We’re especially grateful … Continue reading

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Former First Lady of Chicago Maggie Daley Dies

Thanks to DSLC for this post.     Most of the other Daley(s) including the 1st Mayor Daley and his wife are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 6001 West 111th Street in Alsip, IL. I would guess Maggie will be … Continue reading

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But he was “jus fittin ta turn his life around and was almost about to finish his last year….” YAWN……..One less nigger

REad on! Read how these FUCKING SAVAGE NIGGERS dont address the murder,but address everything else other than it. APES I tell ya SAVAGE ANIMALISTIC APES. It is alleged that the deceased was bisexual meaning he was a Dorm Bitch. Oh … Continue reading

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yet ANOTHER APE NIGGER in the cage that they belong! Thanks to NYPD!!!!

Photo: A 25-year-old white man was assaulted on an eastbound L train at the Myrtle/Wycoff station by three men as a straphanger recorded the frightening attack. An ex-con was charged Tuesday with pummeling a man on a Queens subway, police … Continue reading

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Thought you got away with it DIDNT YA nigger…….GUESS AGAIN POOKIE

A teen has been charged with decking a man at a downtown ‘L’ station earlier this year in an incident recently posted on the Internet that prompted a citywide search for the attacker. Chicago police said that Scotty Strahan, 18, … Continue reading

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Ah they have Jokes now……THANK YOU!

THIS from the Email section. Thanks to Sgt Phil from Chicago for this article. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.Enjoy the Turkey (white meat only) God Bless.     David Simmons This actually happened with some guys from Maine. They dressed … Continue reading

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